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Hi there! Thanks so much for being here. My goal for this blog is to provide you with research-based fitness information so that together we can find a fitness and lifestyle routine you find joy in. This is not a weight-loss blog but instead a place to celebrate fueling our bodies and finding a fitness routine that results in more energy, increased confidence, and happiness. I believe our bodies are most content when they’re moving, but it has to be done safely, needs to be based on science-backed information, and should be done out of love for your body, not hate.

I have exercised pretty consistently for the duration of my adult life. I have always loved it, but for the longest time, I used it as a way to try and alter my body. I hoped that if I ran far enough my legs would somehow get longer. If I could burn 200 more calories, I’d be that much closer to fitting into the smallest pant size possible. So even though I still found joy in movement, I was doing it for all of the wrong reasons. Every time I exercised, it should have been out of complete gratitude for the body I had now and not as a way to punish myself for not looking a certain way.

My viewpoint on exercise started to shift when I began researching movement and the human body. This change in thinking coincided with my decision to return to school to obtain a master’s degree in exercise science. I am still in school working toward that degree and recently received my certified personal trainer certificate. As I started to learn more about the human body and the truly astonishing amount of work it does every moment of every day so that we can perform a task as simple as breathing, my viewpoint quickly changed. Exercise should never be a way to punish our bodies when they work so hard for us. We should provide our bodies with exercise because it makes us stronger. It strengthens our skeletal and cardiac muscles. It makes it so that we have the energy to play chase with our kids even though we had a long day of work. It enables us to choose to spend a Saturday morning hiking simply because we want to. It makes us confident, strong, and capable and when you’re doing it for the right reasons, it will make you happier.

I find joy in many types of movement, such as weight lifting, running, high-intensity interval training, plyometrics, walking, and yoga. I do not believe there is a wrong way to move your body, as long as it is with proper form, but I do believe that the more informed we are, the better decisions we can make. And that is the purpose of this space. I want to inform you so you can start on a wellness journey that will celebrate the amazing body you have now.

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